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What current is a C19 plug?

The Basics of C19 Plug

The C19 plug is a type of electrical connector used for high-power applications. It is part of the IEC 60320 standard, which specifies the requirements for connectors used in a variety of electrical devices.

The C19 plug features three pins and is designed to connect to the corresponding C20 socket. Its shape is circular and it provides a secure and reliable connection. The plug has a rated voltage of 250V and can handle a maximum current of 16A.

C19 Plug Features

The C19 plug is distinguishable by its unique features:

High Power Capacity: With a maximum current capacity of 16A, the C19 plug is capable of handling high-power loads, making it suitable for industrial and commercial applications.

Secure Connection: The circular shape of the plug ensures a secure and stable connection with the C20 socket, minimizing the risk of accidental disconnection.

Universal Compatibility: The C19 plug is compatible with a wide range of devices that require high-power connections. It is commonly used in servers, networking equipment, data centers, and other similar applications.

Usage and Safety Considerations

When using C19 plugs, there are some important safety considerations to keep in mind:

Proper Wiring: Ensure that the plug is wired correctly and securely. Improper wiring can lead to electrical faults or potential hazards.

Adequate Ventilation: As the C19 plug is often used in high-power applications, it is important to provide adequate ventilation to prevent overheating and maintain safe operating conditions.

Regular Inspections: Regularly inspect the plug for any signs of wear or damage. Replace any damaged plugs immediately to avoid potential electrical hazards.

In conclusion, the C19 plug is a highly durable and reliable connector used for high-power applications. Its features and compatibility make it an ideal choice for various industries. However, proper usage and safety precautions should be followed to ensure its safe and efficient operation.



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