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What is ISO 15156-3:2016 ?

Title: A Comprehensive Guide to ISO 16610-2:2016: The Ultimate Standard for Surface Texture Parameters


ISO 16610-2:2016 is a widely recognized standard that plays a pivotal role in the field of metrology. This technical article will provide a thorough overview of the standard, its principles, and how it can be instrumental in ensuring accurate measurements and reliable data analysis.

Understanding Coating Thickness:

Coating thickness, also known as surface texture parameters, refers to the measurement of the physical thickness of a layer applied on a substrate. It is an indispensable parameter that directly affects the functionality, durability, and appearance of coated products. A coating may serve various purposes, such as protection against corrosion, enhancement of aesthetics, or providing insulation. To achieve the desired performance of coatings, it is crucial to maintain the specified thickness within acceptable limits, as defined by ISO 2284:2016.

ISO 2284:2016: The Ultimate Standard for Coating Thickness Measurements:

ISO 2284:2016 is a standardized approach to measure and evaluate coating thickness accurately. The standard outlines various non-destructive measurement techniques and specifies the requirements for their calibration and verification. These techniques include magnetic, eddy current, ultrasonic, and X-ray methods. By following the guidelines outlined in ISO 2284:2016, industries can ensure consistency and reliability in coating thickness measurements.

Furthermore, ISO 2284:2016 also addresses the selection of appropriate instruments, the preparation of test specimens, and the interpretation of measurement results. It emphasizes the importance of proper training for operators who perform coating thickness measurements. Adhering to this standard enables organizations to meet customer expectations, comply with regulations, and improve the overall quality of their products.


ISO 16610-2:2016 is a crucial standard for surface texture parameters, which is widely recognized and widely accepted. It provides guidelines for evaluating the characteristics of surfaces, such as roughness, waviness, and lay, and ensures consistency and comparability in the assessment of various surfaces. By following the guidelines outlined in ISO 16610-2:2016, industries can ensure accurate measurements and reliable data analysis, which is essential for ensuring the desired performance of coatings.



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