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What is the latest edition of IEC 60068

IEC 60068 is an international standard that provides guidance on environmental testing for electronic and electrical products. It covers a wide range of tests to assess the reliability and performance of these products in various environmental conditions. Since its inception, this standard has undergone several updates to reflect technological advancements and industry requirements. In this article, we will explore the latest edition of IEC 60068 and discuss its significance in the field of environmental testing.

Evolution of IEC 60068

The first edition of IEC 60068 was published in 1969 and it has been continuously revised and updated since then. Each edition introduces new test methods, modifies existing ones, and incorporates feedback from industry experts. The primary objective of these revisions is to ensure that the standard remains relevant and effective in evaluating the environmental ruggedness of electronic and electrical products.

The latest edition of IEC 60068, known as IEC 60068-x, was released in [year]. This edition incorporates significant changes and additions compared to its predecessors. It takes into account the evolving technology landscape and addresses emerging challenges faced by manufacturers in terms of product reliability and performance under extreme environmental conditions.

Key Changes and Additions

One of the key changes in the latest edition of IEC 60068 is the inclusion of new test methods for assessing product performance in high temperature environments. With the increasing demand for electronic devices that can withstand higher operating temperatures, this addition is crucial in ensuring the long-term reliability of these products.

Another notable addition is the introduction of test procedures to evaluate the impact of mechanical shocks and vibrations on product performance. As the transportation and usage scenarios for electronic devices become more diverse, it is essential to ensure that they can withstand the rigors of everyday handling and operation without compromising their functionality.

The latest edition also recognizes the importance of addressing electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) issues. It includes revised test methods to assess the susceptibility of products to electromagnetic interference and the emission of electromagnetic radiation. This addition reflects the growing concern over EMC compliance and the need for products to coexist harmoniously in increasingly complex electronic ecosystems.


The latest edition of IEC 60068 introduces significant updates and additions to reflect the changing landscape of electronic and electrical product design. By incorporating new test methods, it addresses emerging challenges faced by manufacturers in terms of environmental ruggedness and reliability. Adherence to this standard ensures that products are designed to withstand various environmental conditions and perform optimally, providing consumers with durable and reliable devices.



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