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What is ISO 12181-3:2017?

ISO 12181-3:2017 is a technical standard that sets guidelines and requirements for the safe handling and storage of hazardous substances.

The Importance of ISO 12181-3:2017 in the Industry

In today's industrial landscape, the use and storage of hazardous substances are prevalent. These substances, if not properly handled, can pose serious risks to human health and the environment. ISO 12181-3:2017 provides essential guidance to industries and organizations on how to safely manage hazardous materials.

This standard covers various aspects such as labeling, packaging, transportation, and storage of hazardous substances. By following the guidelines outlined in ISO 12181-3:2017, companies can ensure compliance with legal regulations, mitigate the risk of accidents, and safeguard their employees and the surrounding community.

Key Features of ISO 12181-3:2017

ISO 12181-3:2017 encompasses several key features that contribute to its effectiveness and importance:

Classification of Hazardous Materials: The standard provides a clear classification system for hazardous materials based on their properties, allowing for better understanding and identification of potential risks.

Labeling and Packaging Requirements: ISO 12181-3:2017 establishes detailed guidelines for proper labeling and packaging of hazardous substances to ensure clear communication of potential hazards.

Storage and Handling Practices: The standard outlines specific requirements for the safe storage and handling of hazardous materials, including guidelines on ventilation, temperature control, and fire prevention.

Transportation Guidelines: ISO 12181-3:2017 also covers guidelines for the safe transportation of hazardous substances, including packaging requirements, labeling, and proper loading and unloading procedures.

The Benefits of Compliance with ISO 12181-3:2017

Compliance with ISO 12181-3:2017 offers numerous benefits to companies and organizations:

Enhanced Safety: By adhering to the standards set by ISO 12181-3:2017, companies can create a safer working environment for their employees and reduce the risk of accidents or incidents.

Legal Compliance: Following this standard ensures that companies meet the legal requirements for handling and storing hazardous materials, avoiding potential penalties and legal issues.

Improved Reputation and Stakeholder Trust: Adopting ISO 12181-3:2017 demonstrates a company's commitment to safety and responsible practices, enhancing its reputation among stakeholders, customers, and the public.

Environmental Protection: Proper management of hazardous substances outlined in ISO 12181-3:2017 contributes to minimizing environmental impact and reducing the risk of pollution or contamination.


ISO 12181-3:2017 is an essential technical standard that provides comprehensive guidance on the safe handling and storage of hazardous substances. Adhering to this standard not only ensures compliance with legal requirements but also contributes to safer workplaces, enhanced reputations, and reduced environmental impact. Companies and organizations in all industries should consider implementing ISO 12181-3:2017 as part of their risk management and safety strategies.



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