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What is BS EN 13622:2002

BS EN 13622:2002 is a professional technical standard that focuses on the design, installation, and maintenance of gas appliances. This standard sets out safety requirements and test methods to ensure the safe operation of gas appliances in domestic and commercial settings. It covers a wide range of appliances, including boilers, cookers, water heaters, and more.

Design Requirements

The standard specifies the design requirements for gas appliances. These requirements include the use of suitable materials for construction, ensuring proper ventilation, and incorporating safety features such as flame supervision devices and pressure regulators. Designers must carefully consider factors such as gas flow rates, heat output, and combustion efficiency to ensure the appliance operates safely and effectively.

Installation and Maintenance

BS EN 13622:2002 also provides guidelines for the installation and maintenance of gas appliances. It emphasizes the importance of proper installation by trained professionals who follow specific procedures. This ensures that appliances are correctly connected to the gas supply, flues or chimneys are appropriately sized and located, and necessary safety checks are performed before commissioning the appliance. Regular maintenance and inspections are recommended to identify and address any potential issues before they become hazards.

Safety Testing

One of the key aspects of BS EN 13622:2002 is the requirement for safety testing. This standard defines various test methods to assess the safety performance of gas appliances under different operating conditions. These tests may include measuring and evaluating parameters such as combustion efficiency, carbon monoxide emissions, heat output, and response to abnormal conditions. By conducting these tests, manufacturers can ensure their appliances meet the necessary safety standards and provide consumers with reliable and safe appliances.



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