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What is EN 60335-2-91:2020?

EN60335-2-91:2020 is a technical standard that specifies the safety requirements and test methods for electric appliances intended for use with aquatic animals or plants. The standard covers a wide range of devices such as aquariums, fish tanks, and water features.

The Importance of EN60335-2-91:2020

EN60335-2-91:2020 is designed to ensure the safety of both users and aquatic life when using electric appliances in aquatic environments. By adhering to this standard, manufacturers can be confident that their products are safe and reliable, reducing the risk of accidents or harm to animals or plants.

One key aspect that the standard addresses is the prevention of electrical shock hazards. Electrical appliances used in or near water need to meet specific requirements to minimize the risk of electric shock. This includes proper insulation, grounding, and protection against water ingress.

Test Methods and Compliance

To determine compliance with EN60335-2-91:2020, various tests need to be conducted on the appliances. These tests assess factors such as electrical insulation, mechanical strength, water resistance, and temperature stability.

For example, one test evaluates the appliance's ability to withstand a specified amount of water immersion without compromising its safety or performance. Another test examines the integrity of seals and gaskets to prevent water leakage. Additionally, temperature rise tests are conducted to ensure the appliances operate within safe limits.

Benefits of Complying with EN60335-2-91:2020

Manufacturers who comply with EN60335-2-91:2020 benefit from several advantages. Firstly, it helps build trust and confidence in their products, as consumers know that the appliances have met rigorous safety standards. Compliance also protects manufacturers from liability claims related to accidents caused by product malfunctions.

Furthermore, adherence to EN60335-2-91:2020 enables manufacturers to access international markets, as many countries require products to meet recognized safety standards before they can be imported or sold. This compliance opens up opportunities for expansion and growth in the global market.



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