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What is BS EN 61851 Part 22

BS EN 61851 Part 22 is a technical standard that specifies requirements for charging equipment for electric vehicles (EVs) with an a.c. electric power supply. This standard ensures interoperability and safety in the charging process, allowing EV owners to charge their vehicles hassle-free.

of BS EN 61851 Part 22

BS EN 61851 Part 22 outlines the basic principles and functionality of EV charging equipment. It covers various aspects including charging modes, connectors, control communication, and safety. The standard defines the necessary requirements that charging systems must meet to ensure compatibility and safe operation across different vehicle manufacturers and charging infrastructure.

Charging Modes and Connectors

This section of the BS EN 61851 Part 22 standard focuses on different charging modes and connector types. Charging modes are categorized based on maximum charging current and voltage levels. Mode 1 and Mode 2 refer to charging from a standard domestic socket outlet. Mode 3 involves using specifically designed EV charging equipment and is the most common mode for public and home chargers. Mode 4 relates to fast-charging using direct current (DC).

In terms of connectors, the standard defines Type 1 and Type 2 connectors for single-phase charging, as well as Type 3 connectors for three-phase charging. These connectors ensure compatibility between the charging station and the EV, allowing for efficient and safe charging.

Control Communication and Safety

BS EN 61851 Part 22 emphasizes the importance of control communication between the EV and the charging equipment. This communication allows for features such as charging status updates, authentication, and control over the charging system. It ensures that the charging process is optimized, secure, and convenient for the users.

Moreover, the standard includes stringent safety requirements to protect both the vehicle and the surrounding environment during the charging process. It covers aspects such as electrical protection, insulation monitoring, and thermal management. These safety measures guarantee that charging equipment meets the necessary safety standards and mitigates potential risks.

BS EN 61851 Part 22 is a vital technical standard that enables interoperability and safety in the charging infrastructure for electric vehicles. It establishes guidelines for charging modes, connectors, control communication, and safety requirements. By complying with this standard, charging equipment manufacturers ensure that EV owners have access to efficient, reliable, and secure charging solutions.



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