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What is BS EN ISO 4624:2016

BS EN ISO 4624:2016 is a professional technical standard that specifies a procedure for assessing the adhesion of paint coatings to a substrate by determining the minimum pressure required to detach or rupture the coating.

The Importance of Adhesion Testing

Adhesion testing plays a crucial role in ensuring the quality and durability of paint coatings, particularly in industries such as automotive, aerospace, construction, and marine. It allows manufacturers to evaluate the performance of their coatings and ensure that they adhere effectively to the intended substrate.

By performing adhesion tests according to BS EN ISO 4624:2016, manufacturers can identify potential issues such as inadequate surface preparation, incorrect application techniques, or poor coating formulation. This helps them make necessary improvements and modifications to enhance the overall quality and performance of their coatings.

The Procedure

The procedure outlined in BS EN ISO 4624:2016 involves using an apparatus called a pull-off tester. The tester applies gradually increasing pressure perpendicular to the coated surface until the coating either detaches or ruptures. The force required to cause detachment or rupture is recorded and used as an indicator of the coating's adhesion strength.

Prior to the adhesion test, it is important to ensure that the coating is properly cured and has reached its maximum adhesion potential. The test should be performed on multiple locations to account for any variations in adhesion across the coated surface. The results are then compared against specified adhesion classifications to determine the coating's performance.


BS EN ISO 4624:2016 provides a standardized and reliable method for evaluating the adhesion of paint coatings. Adhering to this technical standard enables manufacturers to produce coatings that meet industry requirements for quality and durability. By conducting regular adhesion tests, manufacturers can identify and address any potential issues, leading to improved coating performance and customer satisfaction.



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