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What is IEC 61869-10:2017?

The IEC 61869-10:2017 standard is a technical specification that provides guidelines for the design and performance of instrument transformers. This International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standard ensures accurate measurement and protection in power systems, as well as compatibility between different equipment from various manufacturers.

of IEC 61869-10:2017

The IEC 61869-10:2017 standard focuses specifically on electronic current transformers (ECTs). ECTs are used to measure alternating electrical currents and transmit the measurements to protective relays, meters, or other instruments. They play a crucial role in ensuring the safe and reliable functioning of electrical systems.

The standard defines the requirements and testing procedures for ECTs, including accuracy classes, rated frequency range, thermal performance, and dynamic behavior. It also provides guidelines for the selection, installation, and maintenance of ECTs to maximize their performance and longevity.

Benefits and Applications

The IEC 61869-10:2017 standard offers several benefits to both manufacturers and end-users of instrument transformers. By complying with this standard, manufacturers can ensure the quality and reliability of their products, leading to improved customer satisfaction and reduced risks of equipment failure.

For end-users, the standard ensures accurate current measurement, which is essential for proper monitoring, control, and protection of power systems. It also promotes interoperability between different manufacturers' devices, allowing users to combine components from various suppliers without compatibility issues.

The applications of IEC 61869-10:2017 extend across industries where instrument transformers are used, including power generation, transmission, and distribution systems. ECTs compliant with this standard are commonly found in electrical substations, switchgear, and motor control centers.


The IEC 61869-10:2017 standard plays a vital role in ensuring the accuracy and reliability of electronic current transformers. By adhering to the guidelines provided, manufacturers can produce high-quality instrument transformers, while end-users can benefit from accurate measurements and interoperability between devices from different suppliers. This standard has wide-ranging applications in various industries where instrument transformers are employed, contributing to the safe and efficient operation of power systems.



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