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What is EN ISO 12820:2012?

EN ISO 12820:2012 is a technical standard that provides guidelines for the classification, terminology, and measurement of textile floor coverings. It is a document that aims to ensure consistency and accuracy in the description and assessment of textile floor coverings across different industries and regions.

Classification of Textile Floor Coverings

One of the main purposes of EN ISO 12820:2012 is to establish a standardized classification system for textile floor coverings. This enables manufacturers, suppliers, and consumers to communicate effectively by using a common language when referring to different types of floor coverings. The classification system takes into account various characteristics, such as material composition, construction method, appearance, and durability. By categorizing textile floor coverings based on these criteria, it becomes easier for buyers to select the most suitable product for their specific needs.

Terminology and Definitions

EN ISO 12820:2012 also provides a comprehensive list of terminologies and definitions related to textile floor coverings. This ensures that everyone involved in the industry - from designers and manufacturers to retailers and consumers - understands and interprets these terms uniformly. For example, the document defines terms like "pile yarn," "tufted carpet," and "woven carpet" with precision, leaving no room for misinterpretation. Establishing clear definitions helps prevent misunderstandings and promotes accurate communication throughout the supply chain.

Measurement and Testing Methods

Another essential aspect of EN ISO 12820:2012 is its emphasis on measurement and testing methods for textile floor coverings. The standard outlines specific procedures that should be followed to measure characteristics such as pile height, weight, thickness, and colorfastness. These prescribed methods ensure consistency and reliability in assessing the quality and performance of textile floor coverings. By adhering to standardized testing practices, manufacturers can provide objective and comparable data for their products, enabling consumers to make informed decisions based on accurate information.



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