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What is BS EN 16690:2020?

BS EN 16690:2020 is a technical standard that specifies the requirements for virtual reality (VR) headsets. It provides guidelines and specifications that ensure the design, performance, and safety of VR headsets, ensuring a high-quality user experience. This article delves into the key aspects of BS EN 16690:2020 and its impact on the VR industry.

Design Requirements

One of the main focuses of BS EN 16690:2020 is the design requirements for VR headsets. These requirements include factors such as ergonomic considerations, ensuring the headset fits well on the user's head and face, providing comfort during prolonged use. The standard also addresses issues related to the weight distribution of the headset, aiming to minimize discomfort and fatigue. Additionally, it sets standards for the visual aspects of the headset, such as the lens quality, field of view, and resolution.

Performance Standards

In order to provide a seamless and immersive VR experience, BS EN 16690:2020 defines several performance standards for VR headsets. These standards cover areas such as motion tracking accuracy, latency, and display refresh rate. It ensures that the headset accurately tracks the user's movements in real-time, minimizing any delays or discrepancies between the user's actions and the response from the VR environment. The standard also defines minimum display refresh rates to ensure smooth visuals and prevent motion sickness.

Safety Considerations

BS EN 16690:2020 places significant importance on safety considerations when using VR headsets. It addresses potential health risks associated with VR, such as eye strain, dizziness, and nausea. The standard sets limits on parameters such as IPD (interpupillary distance) adjustment range to prevent adverse effects on the user's vision. It also specifies requirements for heat management within the headset to ensure user comfort and safety during prolonged use.


BS EN 16690:2020 plays a crucial role in advancing the VR industry by providing comprehensive guidelines and standards for VR headset design, performance, and safety. By adhering to these standards, manufacturers can ensure their products deliver high-quality virtual reality experiences while minimizing potential health risks. For consumers, BS EN 16690:2020 provides assurance that the VR headsets they purchase meet recognized industry standards. This standard promotes innovation and consumer confidence in the rapidly evolving world of virtual reality.



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