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What is IEC 60502-3?

IEC 60502-3 is a technical standard that specifies requirements for power cables and their accessories used in power distribution systems. It is a part of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) 60502 series, which covers a wide range of products such as cables, conductors, and connectors. This specific standard focuses on the insulated power cables with rated voltages from 1 kV up to and including 30 kV.

Scope and Application

The scope of IEC 60502-3 is to provide comprehensive guidelines for the construction, performance, and testing of the cables and their accessories. It is applicable to both single-core and multi-core cables, with or without metallic screens or armouring. The standard applies to cables used in various environments, including indoor, outdoor, underground, and underwater installations.

The primary objective of this standard is to ensure the safe and reliable functioning of power distribution systems by setting requirements for the cables' electrical, mechanical, and thermal characteristics. It also specifies test methods to verify compliance with these requirements. Compliance with IEC 60502-3 ensures that the power cables are designed and manufactured to meet international quality and safety standards.

Main Requirements

IEC 60502-3 defines several key requirements that power cables must meet. These include:

1. Electrical properties: The standard sets criteria for voltage ratings, conductor resistance, insulation resistance, dielectric strength, and other electrical performance parameters. These requirements ensure that power cables can safely and efficiently transmit electricity under different load conditions.

2. Mechanical properties: The standard covers aspects such as cable dimensions, bending radius, tensile strength, and resistance to external forces. These requirements ensure that the cables can withstand mechanical stresses during installation, operation, and maintenance without compromising their electrical performance.

3. Thermal properties: IEC 60502-3 specifies requirements for current-carrying capacity, short-circuit temperature limits, and thermal stability of the insulation materials. These requirements ensure that the cables can handle the expected heat generated during normal operation and under fault conditions without degradation or failure.


IEC 60502-3 plays a crucial role in standardizing the construction and performance of power cables used in power distribution systems. Adhering to this international standard provides assurance that the cables are designed, manufactured, and tested to meet stringent quality and safety requirements. By following IEC 60502-3, power companies, manufacturers, and installers can ensure the safe and efficient transmission of electricity, contributing to reliable power supply networks.



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