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What is EN 6230542019?

EN62305-4 refers to a technical standard that provides guidance on the protection of structures against lightning. This article aims to explore the key aspects of EN62305-4, including its purpose, scope, and requirements.

The Purpose of EN62305-4

EN62305-4 is specifically designed to ensure the safety of structures (such as buildings and industrial facilities) from the damaging effects of lightning strikes. It outlines various measures that need to be implemented to minimize the risks associated with lightning, including both direct and indirect effects.

The Scope of EN62305-4

The standard covers a wide range of topics related to lightning protection, including risk assessment, lightning routes, and the selection of appropriate protective systems. It also provides guidelines for the design, installation, inspection, and maintenance of these systems, ensuring their ongoing effectiveness.

Requirements and Recommendations

EN62305-4 sets out specific requirements and recommendations to be followed when implementing a lightning protection system. These include conducting a comprehensive risk assessment, which involves evaluating the likelihood of lightning strikes and determining the potential consequences of such events.

Based on the risk assessment, suitable structural protection measures must be established. This may involve installing air terminals, down conductors, ground electrodes, and equipotential bonding systems. The standard also emphasizes the importance of proper electrical grounding to ensure the dissipation of lightning current safely.

Furthermore, EN62305-4 provides detailed guidelines on surge protection measures to safeguard sensitive electronic equipment and systems against transient overvoltages induced by lightning. It recommends the use of surge protective devices (SPDs) and establishes criteria for their selection, testing, and installation.

In conclusion, EN62305-4 serves as a comprehensive guide for the protection of structures against lightning strikes. By adhering to its requirements and recommendations, individuals can significantly reduce the risks associated with lightning and safeguard both lives and valuable assets.



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