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What is UL1487?

UL1487 is a professional technical specification that sets the standard for a specific type of electrical cable. This standard is developed and maintained by Underwriters Laboratories (UL), a globally recognized safety certification company.

The Purpose of UL1487

The main purpose of UL1487 is to establish minimum requirements for cables used in various applications, such as industrial machinery, appliances, and power distribution systems. These requirements ensure that the cables are safe, reliable, and capable of withstanding specific conditions and environments.

Key Standards and Specifications

UL1487 outlines several important standards and specifications that must be met by the cables to gain UL certification:

Temperature Rating: The cable should be able to operate safely within a specified temperature range without significant degradation in performance or insulation integrity.

Voltage Rating: The cable must be designed to handle specific voltages to prevent electrical breakdown and excessive current flow.

Fire Resistance: The cable should possess certain fire-resistant properties to minimize the spread of flames or the release of toxic gases in case of an incident.

Mechanical Strength: The cable needs to exhibit adequate mechanical strength to withstand environmental factors like bending, twisting, and abrasion.

Chemical Resistance: If the cable is expected to encounter harsh chemicals or solvents, it must demonstrate resistance against them to prevent corrosion or deterioration.

The Importance of UL1487

UL1487 plays a crucial role in ensuring safety and reliability in electrical installations. By adhering to the standards set forth by UL, manufacturers and suppliers can instill confidence in their products, knowing that they have gone through rigorous testing and assessment. Compliance with UL1487 also ensures that the cables meet national and international safety requirements, giving peace of mind to end-users, contractors, and regulatory bodies.

In summary, UL1487 is a pivotal technical specification for electrical cables. It sets the bar for quality, safety, and performance, making it an essential reference for manufacturers, suppliers, and installers in the electrical industry.



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