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What is UL 2820 Ed.2?

UL 2820 Ed.2 is a standard that sets the criteria for evaluating and certifying the environmental and human health performance of writing instruments, such as pens and markers. This standard was developed to ensure that the products we use on a daily basis are safe, sustainable, and environmentally friendly.

The Importance of UL 2820 Ed.2

With increasing concerns about the impact of various chemicals on our health and the environment, UL 2820 Ed.2 plays a crucial role in providing manufacturers, retailers, and consumers with a clear understanding of the sustainability and safety aspects of writing instruments. It encourages companies to develop products that are not only high-quality but also meet stringent environmental and health standards.

Environmental and Human Health Criteria

UL 2820 Ed.2 covers several key criteria that evaluate the environmental and human health performance of writing instruments. These include materials selection, chemical emissions, product durability, and energy conservation throughout the product's life cycle. By addressing these areas, the standard ensures that pens and markers do not contain harmful substances and have minimal impact on the ecosystem.

The Certification Process

To obtain certification under UL 2820 Ed.2, manufacturers must submit their writing instruments for testing and evaluation by accredited laboratories. These laboratories assess the product's compliance with all the relevant criteria outlined in the standard. Once a product meets all the requirements, it receives UL 2820 Ed.2 certification, which can be prominently displayed to assure consumers of its environmental and health credentials.



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