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What is BS EN 62660-9:2013?


BS EN 62660-9:2013 is a professional technical standard that pertains to the on-board diagnostics for electric vehicles. This standard, developed by the European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization (CENELEC), outlines the requirements for communication between the electric vehicle and an off-board charger.

Key Features of BS EN 62660-9:2013

1. Communication Protocol: The standard defines a uniform communication protocol that allows the electric vehicle to communicate with the off-board charger. This protocol ensures seamless integration and interoperability between different components of the charging infrastructure, regardless of the manufacturer.

2. Diagnostic Functionality: BS EN 62660-9:2013 specifies the diagnostic functionality that enables the exchange of information related to charging status, battery health, and fault codes between the vehicle and the charger. This allows for efficient monitoring and troubleshooting of the charging process.

3. Safety Considerations: The standard includes provisions for ensuring the safety of the charging process. It outlines safety requirements for connectors, cables, and other hardware components used in the charging infrastructure to protect against electrical hazards and potential risks.

Benefits and Implications

BS EN 62660-9:2013 brings several benefits to the electric vehicle industry and its stakeholders:

1. Interoperability: The standard promotes interoperability and compatibility between electric vehicles and chargers from different manufacturers. This reduces barriers to entry for consumers and facilitates the widespread adoption of electric vehicles.

2. Enhanced User Experience: Standardized diagnostics and communication protocols ensure a seamless user experience during the charging process. Users can easily monitor charging status, identify issues, and receive notifications or alerts, resulting in a more convenient and reliable charging experience.

3. Safety and Reliability: By adhering to the safety requirements specified in BS EN 62660-9:2013, the risk of electrical hazards or malfunctions during the charging process is minimized. This instills confidence in users and promotes trust in electric vehicle technology.


BS EN 62660-9:2013 is a crucial technical standard that facilitates efficient and safe communication between electric vehicles and off-board chargers. It ensures interoperability, enhances user experience, and promotes safety and reliability in the charging infrastructure. Compliance with this standard contributes to the growth and widespread adoption of electric vehicles, driving the transition towards a sustainable future.



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