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What is UL60335-2-450?

UL60335-2-450 is a technical standard developed by Underwriters Laboratories (UL), an independent testing and certification organization. This standard specifically applies to the safety requirements for electrical appliances that contain refrigerating systems or compressors. In this article, we will explore in detail what UL60335-2-450 entails and its importance in ensuring the safety of such appliances.

of UL60335-2-450

UL60335-2-450 provides a comprehensive set of guidelines and safety measures that electrical appliances with refrigerating systems must comply with. These systems, which are found in various household and commercial appliances like refrigerators, air conditioners, and heat pumps, can pose potential risks if not designed and manufactured carefully.

Some of the key areas covered by UL60335-2-450 include the prevention of electrical shock hazards, protection against excessive temperatures, and safeguarding against mechanical dangers. The standard also addresses issues related to the construction, marking, and instructions for use of these appliances, ensuring they are safe for consumers to operate.

Importance of UL60335-2-450

UL60335-2-450 plays a critical role in guaranteeing the safety and reliability of electrical appliances with refrigerating systems. By adhering to this standard, manufacturers can ensure that their products meet specific safety requirements, reducing the risk of accidents, injuries, or property damage caused by faulty appliances.

Compliance with UL60335-2-450 is also crucial in meeting regulatory obligations. Authorities and governing bodies often require electrical appliances to undergo rigorous testing and certification based on internationally recognized standards like UL60335-2-450 before they can be introduced into the market. This ensures that stringent safety measures are met, protecting both consumers and manufacturers.


UL60335-2-450 is a vital technical standard that sets forth the safety requirements for electrical appliances with refrigerating systems. It provides comprehensive guidelines to ensure that these appliances are designed, constructed, and marked in a way that minimizes potential hazards and risks to users.

Manufacturers and consumers alike should recognize the significance of UL60335-2-450 in promoting product safety and adhering to regulatory standards. By following this standard, appliance manufacturers demonstrate their commitment to quality and safety, instilling confidence in consumers who rely on these products daily.



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