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What is ISO-TR 11405:2019?

The ISO-TR 11405:2019 is a technical report published by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). It provides guidelines and recommendations for the effective writing of professional technical articles. This standard helps ensure clarity, accuracy, and consistency across various industries.

Why is professional technical writing important?

Effective communication is crucial in technical fields to convey complex ideas and information accurately. Professional technical writing plays a vital role in facilitating clear understanding among experts, stakeholders, and users. It allows for better collaboration, reduces misunderstandings, and promotes efficient knowledge transfer.

Main features of ISO-TR 11405:2019

ISO-TR 11405:2019 focuses on several key aspects of professional technical writing:

Structural Guidelines: The standard emphasizes the appropriate structure for technical articles, including sections such as abstract, introduction, methodology, results, discussion, and conclusion.

Clarity and Accuracy: It highlights the importance of using concise and accurate language that avoids ambiguity or confusion. Jargon should be defined, and technical terms should be used consistently.

Referencing: The report provides recommendations on how to properly cite and reference external sources, ensuring transparency and credibility in technical articles.

Visual Aids: ISO-TR 11405:2019 advises the inclusion of appropriate visual aids like charts, tables, graphs, and diagrams to enhance understanding and facilitate data interpretation.

Formatting and Style: The standard offers guidance on consistent formatting and stylistic elements, such as font type, size, headings, numbering, and citations. It promotes a uniform and professional appearance of technical articles.

Benefits of following ISO-TR 11405:2019

Adhering to the guidelines presented in ISO-TR 11405:2019 brings several benefits:

Clarity and Understanding: By following the standard, technical writers can convey their ideas clearly, ensuring that readers understand the message accurately.

Improved Accessibility: Well-written technical articles allow a wider audience, including non-experts or those with limited domain knowledge, to access and comprehend the content.

Enhanced Collaboration: Following a standardized approach facilitates better collaboration among experts by providing a common framework for communication.

Global Recognition: Organizations that adhere to ISO standards demonstrate their commitment to quality and international best practices, enhancing their reputation and credibility.

In conclusion, ISO-TR 11405:2019 provides valuable guidelines for writing professional technical articles. Adhering to this standard enhances clarity, accuracy, and consistency in technical communication. By following its recommendations, technical writers can effectively convey complex information and ensure better understanding among their target audience.



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