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What is BS EN 16809-2020?


BS EN 16809-2020 is a technical specification provided by the British Standards Institution (BSI). It outlines the requirements and guidelines for writing thorough technical articles.

Main Features of BS EN 16809-2020

The main aim of BS EN 16809-2020 is to provide a standardized framework for creating technical articles that are comprehensive, accurate, and well-structured. It covers various aspects of content creation and presentation, ensuring that technical articles meet the highest standards of quality.

Key features of BS EN 16809-2020 include:

Clear and concise language: The specification emphasizes the use of plain and straightforward language to convey information effectively.

Logical organization: It guides writers in structuring their articles logically, with clear headings, subheadings, and relevant content.

Accuracy and precision: BS EN 16809-2020 stresses the importance of providing accurate and precise technical information, supported by references or credible sources.

Visual aids and illustrations: The specification encourages the use of appropriate visual aids such as graphs, charts, and diagrams to enhance understanding.

Inclusive approach: It emphasizes the need to make technical articles accessible to a wide range of readers, considering different levels of expertise.

Benefits of Following BS EN 16809-2020

Adhering to BS EN 16809-2020 offers several advantages, including:

Improving clarity and readability: By following the specification's guidelines, technical articles become more comprehensible to readers, resulting in enhanced communication and understanding.

Enhancing credibility: BS EN 16809-2020 ensures that technical articles meet recognized standards, contributing to the author's credibility and authority in their field.

Facilitating translation and localization: The standardized structure provided by BS EN 16809-2020 makes it easier to translate technical articles and adapt them for different markets or regions.

Promoting consistency: By following the same guidelines, authors can maintain consistency in their writing style and presentation across multiple articles or publications.

In conclusion, BS EN 16809-2020 provides a comprehensive framework for creating high-quality technical articles. Adhering to this specification not only improves the clarity and readability of the content but also enhances the author's credibility and promotes consistency in writing. By following BS EN 16809-2020, writers can produce technical articles that meet the highest standards of excellence.



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