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Understanding EN51907

In the world of technical standards, EN51907 is an important one that defines a set of guidelines and requirements for professional technical writing. This standard aims to establish uniformity and clarity in technical documents across various industries. Whether you are a technical writer or someone who needs to understand technical documents, it is crucial to grasp the concept and importance of EN51907.

Key Components of EN51907

EN51907 consists of several key components that outline the best practices for technical writing. These components include document structure, language usage, graphical representation, and reference styles. Let's take a closer look at each of these components.

Document Structure

Under EN51907, document structure plays a vital role in ensuring readability and accessibility. Technical documents should have a clear and logical organization, including sections such as introduction, objective, methodology, and conclusion. Additionally, subheadings should be used to further break down the content and facilitate easy navigation for readers.

Language Usage

Language usage is another significant aspect outlined by EN51907. Technical writers should utilize concise and precise language to convey information effectively. The use of jargon and acronyms should be minimized, or if required, they should be clearly defined within the document. It is also essential to maintain consistency and avoid ambiguity in terminology throughout the document.

Graphical Representation

EN51907 emphasizes the importance of visual aids in technical documents. Graphs, charts, diagrams, and illustrations can enhance understanding and clarify complex concepts. However, it is crucial to ensure that graphical representations are accurate, labeled properly, and referenced correctly within the document. Adding alt text for images is also recommended for accessibility purposes.

Reference Styles

Proper citation and referencing are crucial, as they provide credibility and allow readers to delve deeper into the subject matter. EN51907 suggests following specific reference style guides, such as APA or IEEE, to ensure consistency in citing sources. Additionally, document authors should provide a comprehensive list of references at the end of the document, arranged in a specified format.


In conclusion, EN51907 plays a significant role in establishing standards for professional technical writing. Understanding and implementing the components outlined in this standard can greatly enhance the quality and effectiveness of technical documents. Whether you are a technical writer or a reader of technical documents, being familiar with EN51907 will undoubtedly contribute to a better understanding and communication of complex technical concepts.



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