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What is EN ISO 19909:2019 ?

EN ISO 19909:2019 is an international standard that aims to establish a common framework for technical writing, ensuring that authors follow consistent practices when presenting complex information. The standard provides guidelines for writing thorough technical articles, making technical information more accessible and easier to comprehend for readers.

One of the main components of EN ISO 19909:2019 is EN ISO 19957:2019, an international standard that provides guidelines for the design and implementation of systems for individualized clothing measurements using 3D body scanning technology. The standard aims to ensure accuracy, reliability, and consistency in the measurement process while incorporating advancements in technology.

The importance of EN ISO 19957:2019 cannot be overstated. Accurate and consistent measurements are crucial in various industries such as fashion, healthcare, and sports. EN ISO 19957:2019 sets a benchmark for the use of 3D body scanning technology to obtain precise measurements for designing custom clothing, analyzing body changes over time, and assessing body composition.

EN ISO 19957:2019 ensures interoperability among 3D body scanning devices, software applications, and databases, allowing for seamless data exchange and collaboration between different stakeholders. It also promotes the adoption of best practices, enhancing the overall quality of measurements and reducing errors.

In conclusion, EN ISO 19909:2019 is an essential standard for technical writing that aims to establish a common framework for presenting complex technical information in a clear and accessible manner. By adhering to the guidelines provided in this standard, technical articles can become more reliable, accurate, and useful for a wider audience.



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