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What is EN ISO 12625-3:2013

The field of technical standards is vast and ever-expanding, covering a wide range of industries and sectors. One such standard, EN ISO 12625-3:2013, holds significant importance in the paper and board industry. This article aims to provide an easy-to-understand explanation of this standard, breaking it down into key components and its relevance in the industry.

Understanding the Scope

EN ISO 12625-3:2013 specifically focuses on the measurement of folding endurance of tissue paper and tissue products. It provides a set of guidelines and procedures for determining the strength and durability of tissue papers when subjected to repeated folding. This standard is crucial in ensuring the quality and performance of tissue products in various applications.

Key Requirements and Testing Methods

To evaluate the folding endurance, EN ISO 12625-3:2013 specifies specific requirements that must be met during testing. These include guidelines for sample preparation, conditioning, and the method of folding. The standard outlines the number of folds a tissue product should withstand before it is deemed unacceptable, considering the type of paper and its purpose.

Several testing methods are recommended within the standard, including the MIT fold test and the Schopper folding endurance tester. These methods determine the resistance of tissue paper to repeated folding by measuring the number of double folds achieved before failure or visible damage occurs. Consistency in testing methods ensures reliable and comparable results across different laboratories and manufacturers.

Importance in the Paper Industry

EN ISO 12625-3:2013 plays a significant role in the paper industry by establishing a common ground for evaluating and comparing the quality of tissue paper and tissue products. By adhering to the standard, manufacturers can ensure the durability and performance of their products, meeting the expectations of consumers.

Moreover, compliance with this standard allows for easier trade between countries, as it provides a universal method for assessing folding endurance. It simplifies communication between buyers and suppliers, enabling them to make informed decisions based on standardized test results.


In summary, EN ISO 12625-3:2013 is a crucial technical standard that focuses on the folding endurance of tissue paper and tissue products. By providing precise guidelines and testing methods, it ensures the quality, durability, and performance of these products in various applications. The standard contributes to the overall improvement of the paper industry by facilitating fair trade, reliable testing, and consistent product evaluation.



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