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What is EN ISO 14150:2021 ?

EN ISO 14150:2021 and EN ISO 14131:2021 are both international standards that provide guidelines for technical writing. EN ISO 14150:2021 is a standard for writing technical articles, while EN ISO 14131:2021 is a standard for the design, construction, and operation of technical systems.

EN ISO 14150:2021 is important for technical writers because it helps ensure consistency and improves communication between readers and authors. The main objective of this standard is to promote clarity and understanding in technical writing. By following the guidelines set forth by this standard, technical writers can present complex information in a way that is accessible to a wide range of readers.

EN ISO 14131:2021, on the other hand, is a professional technical standard that provides guidelines and requirements for the design, construction, and operation of technical systems. The main purpose of this standard is to establish a framework for the safe and efficient operation of technical systems. It sets out the principles and guidelines that need to be followed during the entire life cycle of a technical system, from its design and construction to its operation and maintenance.

By following the requirements of these standards, companies can develop technical systems that are reliable, maintainable, and meet the needs of their customers. This helps to enhance the overall performance and effectiveness of these systems.



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