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What is ISO-IEC 15961:2017?

ISO-IEC 15961:2017 is an international standard that provides guidelines and specifications for the design and implementation of data carriers used in automatic identification and data capture (AIDC) systems. AIDC technology involves the use of barcodes, RFID tags, and other methods to identify and track objects or individuals.

The Purpose of ISO-IEC 15961:2017

The main purpose of ISO-IEC 15961:2017 is to establish a common framework for the development and use of data carriers in AIDC systems. The standard defines the requirements and technical specifications for different types of data carriers, including their physical properties, encoding methods, and data structures. By having a standardized approach, organizations can ensure interoperability and compatibility between different AIDC systems and devices.

Key Features and Benefits

ISO-IEC 15961:2017 provides a comprehensive set of guidelines and recommendations for designing and using data carriers in AIDC systems. Some of the key features and benefits include:

1. Standardization: The standard establishes a common set of rules and requirements for different types of data carriers, promoting consistency and compatibility across various AIDC systems.

2. Interoperability: By following the standard, organizations can ensure that their data carriers are compatible with other AIDC devices and systems, enabling seamless integration and information exchange.

3. Accuracy and Efficiency: ISO-IEC 15961:2017 helps improve the accuracy and efficiency of data capture and identification processes by providing guidelines for optimal encoding methods, data structures, and error correction techniques.

4. Quality Control: The standard includes provisions for quality control and testing of data carriers, ensuring their reliability, durability, and readability.

5. Global Recognition: ISO standards are recognized worldwide, which means that organizations adhering to ISO-IEC 15961:2017 can have their data carriers accepted and used in various industries and markets.

Overall, ISO-IEC 15961:2017 plays a crucial role in facilitating the effective implementation and operation of AIDC systems, enabling accurate and reliable identification and data capture across different sectors.



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