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What is ISO-IEC 24727:2018?

ISO-IEC 24727:2018, also known as the International Standard for Biometric Specifications for Plural Biometric Modalities, is a technical standard that provides guidelines for the interoperability of different biometric systems. It aims to facilitate the integration and interchangeability of biometric technologies across various platforms and applications.

Understanding the Scope of ISO-IEC 24727:2018

The scope of ISO-IEC 24727:2018 covers a wide range of aspects related to biometrics, including data interchange formats, data quality assessment, format conversion techniques, and security considerations. It defines a standardized representation of biometric templates and supports the storage, transmission, and utilization of these templates in a secure and interoperable manner.

This standard enables the exchange of biometric information between different systems, regardless of the technology or vendor used. It ensures that biometric data collected by one system can be accurately interpreted and utilized by another, promoting seamless integration and improved efficiency.

Key Features and Benefits

ISO-IEC 24727:2018 provides several key features and benefits for both organizations implementing biometric solutions and individuals using them:

Interoperability: This standard facilitates the compatibility and interoperability of biometric systems and devices from different manufacturers, ensuring smooth communication and exchange of biometric data.

Flexibility: It supports multiple biometric modalities, such as fingerprint, iris, facial recognition, and voice recognition, allowing organizations to choose the most suitable technology based on their specific requirements.

Data Security: ISO-IEC 24727:2018 includes provisions for protecting the privacy and security of biometric information throughout its lifecycle, including storage, transmission, and usage.

Usability: The standard defines a common framework for capturing, processing, and comparing biometric data, enhancing the accuracy and reliability of biometric systems.


ISO-IEC 24727:2018 plays a crucial role in promoting the adoption and widespread use of biometric technologies. By establishing a set of guidelines for interoperability, this standard enables seamless integration and interchangeability of biometric systems, ensuring compatibility and enhancing security across various platforms and applications.

Organizations implementing biometric solutions can benefit from the flexibility and interoperability provided by ISO-IEC 24727:2018, allowing them to choose and integrate different biometric modalities effectively. Individuals using these systems can enjoy enhanced data security and usability, knowing that their biometric information is protected and accurately interpreted across different platforms.



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