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What is IEC 60704-2-9 Ed.2:2018?

IEC 60704-2-9 Ed.2:2018 is a technical standard that provides guidance on the measurement of airborne noise emitted by household and similar electrical appliances. The standard was published by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) in 2018 and is widely used to assess the noise levels of various appliances.

Why is it important?

IEC 60704-2-9 Ed.2:2018 is important for several reasons. First, excessive noise emitted by appliances can be annoying and disruptive to daily life. By setting standards for acceptable noise levels, this standard helps ensure that appliances operate at a reasonable noise level, improving the overall quality of life for consumers.

Second, this standard also plays a crucial role in protecting people's health and safety. Prolonged exposure to high levels of noise can have detrimental effects on human health, such as hearing loss and increased stress levels. By establishing noise limits, the standard helps identify appliances that may pose potential risks to users.

How does it work?

The measurement process outlined in IEC 60704-2-9 Ed.2:2018 involves placing the appliance in a specific testing environment and measuring the sound pressure level at various positions around the appliance. The standard provides detailed procedures for positioning microphones, conducting measurements, and calculating the overall A-weighted sound power level.

In addition to assessing the overall sound power level, the standard also provides guidelines for evaluating the tonal components of the noise emitted by an appliance. Tonal components refer to specific frequencies or tones that may be more noticeable and annoying to human ears, even if the overall noise level is within acceptable limits.


IEC 60704-2-9 Ed.2:2018 is a crucial technical standard that helps measure and assess the airborne noise emitted by household and similar electrical appliances. By establishing acceptable noise limits, this standard aims to improve the overall quality of life for consumers, protect their health and safety, and ensure appliances operate at reasonable noise levels. Adherence to this standard allows manufacturers and consumers to make informed decisions regarding appliance selection and usage.



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