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What is BS EN ISO 18626:72019?

BS EN ISO 18626:2019 is a professional technical standard that encompasses various aspects of data interchange for electronic invoicing. This European Standard was first published in November 2015 and has been constantly updated to comply with the changing requirements of electronic invoicing systems.

Benefits of Implementing BS EN ISO 18626:72019

Implementing BS EN ISO 18626:2019 brings several benefits for organizations involved in electronic invoicing. Firstly, it enhances interoperability between different systems, making it easier for businesses to exchange invoices seamlessly. It also ensures data accuracy and consistency throughout the invoicing process, reducing errors and potential disputes. Furthermore, this standard helps organizations reduce costs, improve efficiency, and streamline their invoicing operations.

Key Features of BS EN ISO 18626:72019

BS EN ISO 18626:2019 covers a wide range of features aimed at facilitating electronic invoice interchange. One key feature is the standardized format for transmitting invoice information, including relevant details such as billing entities, invoice numbers, line items, taxes, and payment instructions. Additionally, the standard defines a common set of data elements and structures to ensure consistent interpretation and processing across different systems. Another important aspect is the provision of guidelines for implementing security measures to protect the integrity and confidentiality of sensitive invoice data.

Future Outlook and Adoption

As electronic invoicing continues to gain traction globally, the adoption of standards such as BS EN ISO 18626:2019 becomes increasingly important. Governments, regulatory bodies, and businesses worldwide are recognizing the value of standardized data interchange for improved efficiency and transparency. Several countries have already mandated the use of electronic invoicing and recommended the adoption of relevant standards. It is expected that more organizations will embrace BS EN ISO 18626:2019 in the future as they strive to optimize their invoicing processes and stay compliant with evolving regulations.



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