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What is NBR 14136-2002?

NBR 14136-2002 is a professional technical standard used in electrical engineering. It sets the specifications for plugs, socket outlets, and connectors used in low-voltage electrical installations in Brazil. This standard was developed by the Brazilian Association of Technical Standards (ABNT) to ensure safety, compatibility, and reliability in electrical connections.

Specifications and Requirements

The NBR 14136-2002 standard outlines specific requirements for plugs, socket outlets, and connectors used in Brazil. These requirements include determining the maximum current-carrying capacity, insulation resistance, contact resistance, plug and socket polarity, and durability under various conditions.

Additionally, this standard specifies the dimensions and mechanical properties of the plugs and socket outlets as well as the materials that should be used. For example, the standard mandates specific pin configurations, socket shapes, and contact materials, ensuring proper fit and functionality.

Benefits and Impact

Implementing the NBR 14136-2002 standard offers several benefits. Firstly, it enhances user safety by minimizing the risk of electrical shock or short circuits. The stringent requirements outlined in the standard ensure that electrical connections are secure and reliable.

Furthermore, conforming to this standard allows for better interconnectivity between electronic devices and appliances. Appliances with NBR 14136-2002 compliant plugs can be safely connected to any socket outlet meeting the same specifications, providing convenience and flexibility to users.

Moreover, adherence to this standard promotes standardization across the electrical industry in Brazil, facilitating smooth operation, maintenance, and repair processes. It simplifies the availability of compatible parts and components, reducing costs and downtime for both manufacturers and consumers.


In conclusion, NBR 14136-2002 is a crucial technical standard in the field of electrical engineering in Brazil. It sets the requirements and specifications for plugs, socket outlets, and connectors, ensuring safety, compatibility, and reliability. Adhering to this standard not only enhances user safety but also promotes better interconnectivity and standardization within the industry.



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