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What is ISO 11238:2012?

ISO 11238:2012 is a technical standard that provides guidelines and specifications for easy understanding of technical articles. It aims to simplify complex technical concepts and make them more accessible to readers. This article will explore the key aspects of ISO 11238:2012 and discuss its importance in creating easy-to-understand technical content.

Simplifying Technical Language

One of the main objectives of ISO 11238:2012 is to simplify technical language. Technical terms and jargon can often be confusing, especially for readers who are not experts in the field. This standard encourages writers to use plain language and avoid unnecessary complexity. By using clear and concise language, technical writers can ensure that their articles are easily understood by a wider audience.

Structuring the Content

Another important aspect of ISO 11238:2012 is the structuring of content. The standard recommends dividing the article into paragraphs and sections, each with a clear heading or title. This helps readers navigate the information more easily, allowing them to find specific details or concepts quickly. A well-organized structure enhances readability and comprehension, making the technical article more user-friendly.

Visual Aids and Examples

In addition to simplifying language and structuring content, ISO 11238:2012 also emphasizes the use of visual aids and examples. Including diagrams, charts, and illustrations can help clarify complex ideas and make them easier to grasp. Similarly, providing real-life examples or case studies can make technical articles more relatable and understandable for readers. These visual aids and examples enhance the overall comprehension of the article's content.

ISO 11238:2012 plays a crucial role in ensuring that technical articles are accessible and easy to understand. By simplifying language, structuring content effectively, and using visual aids and examples, this standard empowers writers to create articles that can be comprehended by both technical and non-technical audiences.



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