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What is ISO 55025:2015?

ISO 55025:2015 is a technical standard that provides guidelines and requirements for the calibration of force-measuring devices used in testing and measurement. It is designed to ensure the accuracy and reliability of force measurements in various industries, such as automotive, aerospace, and manufacturing.

The Importance of ISO 55025:2015

Accurate force measurement is crucial in many industries as it directly impacts the quality and safety of products. ISO 55025:2015 helps organizations establish and maintain reliable force measurement systems by providing a framework for calibrating force measuring devices. This standard ensures that the instruments used for force measurement are calibrated correctly, leading to accurate and consistent results.

Key Features of ISO 55025:2015

1. Calibration Procedures: The standard outlines detailed procedures for calibrating force-measuring devices, including the use of traceable reference standards and the documentation of calibration results. These procedures help organizations establish a systematic approach to calibration and ensure the reliability of their force measurement systems.

2. Uncertainty Calculation: ISO 55025:2015 requires the calculation of measurement uncertainty to determine the range of possible errors in force measurements. This helps organizations assess the reliability and accuracy of their measurement results and take appropriate corrective actions if necessary.

3. Calibration Intervals: The standard recommends establishing calibration intervals based on factors such as the frequency of device usage and environmental conditions. Regular calibration ensures that force-measuring devices remain accurate and reliable over time.

Benefits of Implementing ISO 55025:2015

By adhering to ISO 55025:2015, organizations can:

- Enhance product quality and safety by ensuring accurate force measurements during manufacturing and testing processes.

- Improve customer satisfaction by providing reliable measurement results that meet industry standards.

- Achieve compliance with regulatory requirements related to force measurement in specific industries.

- Reduce the risk of product failures, rework, and recalls due to inaccurate force measurements.

- Increase efficiency and productivity by minimizing measurement errors and reducing waste caused by faulty force measurement systems.


ISO 55025:2015 is a crucial standard that provides guidelines for the calibration of force-measuring devices. By implementing this standard, organizations can ensure accurate and reliable force measurements, leading to improved product quality, customer satisfaction, and overall operational efficiency.



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