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What is IEC 60664-8-72013?

IEC 60664-8-7:2013, also known as "Insulation coordination for equipment within low-voltage supply systems - Part 8-7: Guidance for the application of insulation coordination and for the determination of clearance and creepage distances in low-voltage equipment," is an international standard for electrical insulation coordination. It provides guidance on the design and selection of electrical insulation systems to ensure safe and reliable operation of equipment within low-voltage supply systems.

Importance of Insulation Coordination

Insulation coordination is crucial in electrical systems to prevent electrical breakdowns and ensure the safety of personnel working with or around the equipment. The aim of insulation coordination is to determine appropriate clearance and creepage distances, which are the minimum distances required to avoid flashovers or dielectric breakdowns between electrical conductors or between conductors and earthed parts.

IEC 60664-8-7:2013 aids in achieving insulation coordination by providing guidelines for determining these clearances and creepage distances based on factors such as voltage level, pollution degree, and altitude. By following these guidelines, electrical engineers can select appropriate insulation systems and ensure reliable and safe operation of the equipment, even under abnormal or fault conditions.

Application of IEC 60664-8-7:2013

The application of IEC 60664-8-7:2013 is relevant to various industries and sectors that utilize low-voltage electrical equipment. This includes power distribution systems, industrial machinery, appliances, control panels, and more. Compliance with this standard helps ensure that the equipment complies with safety regulations, mitigates risks associated with electrical breakdowns, and provides reliable performance throughout its lifecycle.

Additionally, the standard assists manufacturers in designing and producing equipment that meets international safety standards, enhancing product quality and facilitating global market access. By adhering to the guidelines outlined in IEC 60664-8-7:2013, manufacturers can reduce the likelihood of product recalls, warranty claims, and accidents caused by inadequate insulation coordination.


IEC 60664-8-7:2013 plays a significant role in promoting electrical safety and reliable operation of low-voltage electrical equipment. By providing guidance on insulation coordination and the determination of clearance and creepage distances, this international standard ensures that equipment is designed, selected, and manufactured with appropriate insulation systems. Compliance with IEC 60664-8-7:2013 not only enhances safety but also contributes to the overall quality and performance of electrical equipment in various industries.



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