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What is DSEN 60335-2-15:2016/A2:2021?

DSEN 60335-2-15:2016/A2:2021 is a technical standard that specifies safety requirements for appliances such as refrigerators, freezers, and their combinations. It outlines the necessary measures to ensure the safety of these appliances during their intended use and foreseeable misuse.

Key Safety Requirements

One of the primary objectives of DSEN 60335-2-15:2016/A2:2021 is to prevent electrical hazards. This includes ensuring insulation integrity, preventing accidental contact with live components, and implementing protective measures against electric shocks. The standard also addresses potential fire hazards by setting guidelines for materials used in the construction of appliances, promoting the use of flame-retardant components and reducing the risk of ignition.

In addition to electrical and fire safety, the standard emphasizes mechanical safety. It establishes criteria for structural stability, durability, and resistance to external forces. Protective measures are outlined to prevent injuries caused by moving parts, sharp edges, or other hazards related to the appliances' mechanisms.

Compliance and Certification

Manufacturers need to ensure that their appliances comply with DSEN 60335-2-15:2016/A2:2021. Compliance can be demonstrated through extensive testing according to the standard's requirements. This may involve assessing the insulation properties, conducting thermal tests, analyzing the reliability of control systems, and verifying compliance with mechanical safety criteria.

Once an appliance meets all the relevant safety requirements, it can receive certification indicating its compliance with DSEN 60335-2-15:2016/A2:2021. Certification is usually performed by independent testing laboratories or organizations authorized to assess appliance safety. Consumers can look for this certification mark when purchasing appliances to ensure they have undergone thorough safety evaluations.



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