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What is BS EN ISO 10545-13:2021

BS EN ISO 10545-13:2021 is a professional technical standard that provides guidelines and specifications for ceramic tiles' characteristics and their testing methods. It outlines the requirements for dimensional tolerances, water absorption, modulus of rupture, and chemical resistance.

The Purpose of BS EN ISO 10545-13:2021

The purpose of BS EN ISO 10545-13:2021 is to ensure the quality and performance of ceramic tiles used in various applications such as residential, commercial, and industrial spaces. This standard helps manufacturers, suppliers, and consumers establish a common understanding of the fundamental properties that ceramic tiles should possess.

Key Requirements of BS EN ISO 10545-13:2021

1. Dimensional Tolerances: The standard specifies the allowable size variation for ceramic tiles, ensuring uniformity and precision in their dimensions. This requirement guarantees that tiles fit together seamlessly during installation.

2. Water Absorption: Water absorption refers to the amount of water absorbed by a tile's body. BS EN ISO 10545-13:2021 sets limits on water absorption rates to prevent tile damage caused by moisture penetration. Low water absorption ensures the tiles' durability and suitability for specific applications.

3. Modulus of Rupture: The modulus of rupture measures a tile's ability to withstand bending or breaking under pressure. This characteristic is crucial, especially for floor tiles subjected to heavy loads. The standard defines the minimum modulus of rupture values to ensure the tiles' strength and resistance to breakage.

4. Chemical Resistance: BS EN ISO 10545-13:2021 evaluates the resistance of ceramic tiles to various chemicals, including acids and alkalis. This requirement is essential for tiles used in environments prone to chemical exposure, such as laboratories or industrial settings. Chemical resistance ensures the longevity and performance of the tiles.


BS EN ISO 10545-13:2021 plays a crucial role in ensuring the quality and reliability of ceramic tiles in various applications. By complying with this technical standard, manufacturers can produce tiles that meet the specified requirements, providing consumers with durable and high-performing products. The standard's guidelines for dimensional tolerances, water absorption, modulus of rupture, and chemical resistance contribute to the overall safety and longevity of ceramic tiles.



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