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What is ISO-IEC 19957:3:2019?

ISO-IEC 19957:3:2019 is a technical standard that aims to provide guidelines for the development and evaluation of natural language processing (NLP) systems. This standard focuses on the interchange format used to represent linguistic annotations and analyses, known as the Linguistic Annotation Framework (LAF).

Linguistic Annotation Framework

The Linguistic Annotation Framework, or LAF, is a widely adopted standard for representing linguistic annotations in NLP. It provides a framework for capturing linguistic information such as part-of-speech tags, syntactic structures, named entities, and semantic roles.

By using LAF, NLP practitioners and researchers can easily exchange annotated data and compare different NLP systems. This facilitates collaboration and promotes reproducibility in the field of NLP.

Benefits of ISO-IEC 19957:3:2019

ISO-IEC 19957:3:2019 offers several key benefits to the NLP community:

1. Interoperability: The standard ensures that NLP systems can seamlessly exchange linguistic annotations using the Linguistic Annotation Framework, allowing for easier integration and collaboration between different systems.

2. Reproducibility: By providing guidelines for annotation representation and evaluation, the standard enables researchers to reproduce and compare NLP experiments accurately, enhancing the validity and reliability of NLP research.

3. Innovation: With a standardized framework for linguistic annotation, ISO-IEC 19957:3:2019 encourages innovation in the development of NLP systems by enabling researchers to build upon existing work and share their contributions more effectively.


ISO-IEC 19957:3:2019 plays a crucial role in advancing the field of NLP by promoting interoperability, reproducibility, and innovation. Its adoption ensures that linguistic annotations can be easily shared, facilitating collaboration and accelerating progress in NLP research and development.



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