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What is ISO 13420-2:2010 –

ISO 13420-2:2010 is an international standard that specifies the requirements for industrial screens and screening surfaces used for the separation and classification of bulk materials according to their size distribution. This standard provides guidelines for both manufacturers and users of screening equipment, ensuring the consistency and quality of these products.

The Importance of ISO 13420-2:2010

ISO 13420-2:2010 plays a crucial role in various industries, such as mining, construction, and chemical processing, where efficient separation and classification of materials are essential. By adhering to this standard, manufacturers can design and produce screens that meet specific performance requirements, resulting in improved efficiency and reliability of screening operations.

Key Requirements of ISO 13420-2:2010

ISO 13420-2:2010 outlines several important requirements for industrial screens and screening surfaces. These include dimensions and tolerances, material specifications, surface quality, and the testing methods to ensure compliance. Manufacturers must carefully follow these requirements during the production process to guarantee the performance and durability of their screening products.

Benefits of ISO 13420-2:2010 Compliance

Complying with ISO 13420-2:2010 offers numerous benefits to both manufacturers and end-users. For manufacturers, adherence to this standard enhances their credibility and competitiveness in the market. It provides confidence to customers who seek reliable and high-quality screening equipment. For end-users, using screens that meet ISO standards ensures optimal performance, improved productivity, and reduced downtime.

In conclusion, ISO 13420-2:2010 is a vital standard that sets out the requirements for industrial screens and screening surfaces. By following this standard, manufacturers can produce high-quality screening products that meet performance expectations. Similarly, end-users can benefit from using screens that comply with ISO 13420-2:2010 as it ensures efficient and reliable separation and classification of materials. Adherence to this standard is crucial in industries that rely on effective screening processes.



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