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What is EN 51062-2010?

The standard EN 51062-2010, also known as the international standard for technical writing, provides guidelines for creating in-depth technical articles. This article aims to explore the key aspects of EN 51062-2010 and its significance in the field of technical communication.

of EN 51062-2010

EN 51062-2010, titled "Technical product documentation - Presentation of information for products designed for industrial use," outlines the principles and best practices for producing technical documentation. It establishes guidelines for creating clear, concise, and comprehensive content that meets the needs of various stakeholders.

The standard emphasizes the importance of structuring information in a logical order, using appropriate language and terminology, and ensuring consistency throughout the document. It covers all aspects of technical writing, including textual content, visual aids, tables, graphs, and user instructions.

Benefits of EN 51062-2010

Adhering to the guidelines set forth by EN 51062-2010 offers numerous benefits. Firstly, it enhances the overall quality and usability of technical documents. By providing a standardized framework, it ensures that information is consistently organized, making it easier for readers to navigate and comprehend complex concepts.

Moreover, following the guidelines helps reduce ambiguities and improves clarity in technical communication. Consistent use of terminology and appropriate language helps eliminate misunderstandings and prevents costly errors or accidents caused by misinterpretation of instructions.

Implementation Challenges

While EN 51062-2010 provides valuable guidelines, implementing these standards can present challenges. One common challenge is reconciling the need for technical accuracy with the requirement for readability and accessibility. Technical documents must be precise and detailed, yet also understandable by various audiences, including non-experts and international readers.

Another challenge is adapting to evolving technologies. As new tools and communication channels emerge, technical writers must stay updated and incorporate these advancements into their documentation processes. This ensures that the information remains relevant and accessible to users in an ever-changing digital landscape.


EN 51062-2010 plays a crucial role in setting universal standards for technical writing. By adhering to these guidelines, technical writers can create effective, user-friendly, and error-free technical documentation. The standard not only enhances the overall quality of technical content but also promotes clearer communication, ensuring that information is easily understandable by its target audience. Embracing the practices outlined in EN 51062-2010 can greatly benefit both the writers and the readers of technical articles.



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