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What is EN ISO 18788:2018?


EN ISO 18788:2018 is a widely recognized international standard that provides guidelines for private security companies (PSCs). These guidelines serve as a framework to enhance the effectiveness, accountability, and professionalism of PSCs in their provision of security services.

Main Objectives

The main objective of EN ISO 18788:2018 is to establish a set of principles and requirements that PSCs should meet to ensure the successful management and delivery of security services. The standard outlines various areas that need to be addressed, including planning and organization, risk assessment and management, personnel management, and operational processes.

Key Components

EN ISO 18788:2018 consists of several key components that are essential for PSCs to adhere to:

Leadership and Commitment: This component emphasizes the importance of leadership and commitment from top management to promote a culture of integrity, ethics, and transparency within the organization.

Risk Management: It is crucial for PSCs to conduct thorough risk assessments, develop appropriate risk mitigation plans, and continuously monitor and improve their risk management practices.

Human Resources: This component focuses on the recruitment, training, competency assessment, and welfare of personnel within the PSC. It covers aspects such as background screening, pre-employment checks, and ongoing professional development.

Operational Planning and Control: PSCs must have effective operational planning and control procedures in place to ensure the smooth execution of security tasks. This includes proper equipment management, adherence to legal frameworks, and handling emergencies and incidents.

Legal and Regulatory Compliance: PSCs need to comply with all applicable laws, regulations, and licensing requirements in the jurisdictions where they operate.

Benefits of EN ISO 18788:2018

Adhering to EN ISO 18788:2018 brings several benefits to PSCs:

Enhanced performance and operational efficiency through the adoption of best practices and standardized processes.

Improved reputation and credibility among clients, stakeholders, and regulatory bodies.

Increased client confidence in the professionalism and capability of the PSC.

Better risk management, leading to enhanced safety and security for both clients and personnel.

Improved internal governance, integrity, and ethics within the organization.

In conclusion, EN ISO 18788:2018 provides comprehensive guidance for private security companies to ensure the highest standards in delivering security services. Adherence to this international standard not only enhances the operational efficiency and reputation of PSCs but also contributes to the overall safety and security of their clients.



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