Technological Innovation

What is ISO 55193:2018 ?

ISO 55193:2018 is an important international standard that provides guidelines for technical product documentation in the form of engineering drawings. This standard is part of the ISO 5519 series, which covers various aspects of technical drawings and specifications. The main purpose of ISO 5519-2:2018 is to establish a standardized format and structure for technical drawings, ensuring clear communication and efficient exchange of information between stakeholders involved in product development and manufacturing processes.

ISO 5519-2:2018 provides guidelines for writing professional technical articles, which are essential for effectively communicating technical information to a wide range of readers. The key features of ISO 5519-2:2018 include:

* A clear and consistent structure for technical articles

* The use of clear and concise language to convey technical information

* The importance of accuracy and consistency in technical data

* The need for appropriate usage of technical references and citations

* The use of images and diagrams to enhance understanding

By following these guidelines, companies can minimize errors, improve consistency, and enhance collaboration among different teams and suppliers. ISO 5519-2:2018 is a valuable tool for organizations looking to improve the quality and clarity of their technical documentation.



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