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What is EN ISO 105-X04:2017?

EN ISO 105-X04:2017is a standard that specifies a method for determining the resistance of colored textiles to dry cleaning procedures. It is an important international standard that helps ensure the quality and durability of textiles in various industries, including fashion, interior design, and automotive manufacturing.

The Importance of EN ISO 105-X04:2017

The EN ISO 105-X04:2017standard is crucial for manufacturers, designers, and buyers in the textile industry. It provides a set of guidelines and testing procedures to evaluate how colorfast and resistant a textile product is to dry cleaning. This information is vital for consumers who want to maintain the appearance and performance of their textiles after regular cleaning.

Testing Procedure and Parameters

To carry out the EN ISO 105-X04:2017test, a representative sample of the textile is taken and subjected to a specified number of dry cleaning cycles using an appropriate detergent solution. After the cleaning process, the sample is assessed for any changes in color, staining, or other physical deformations. The test results are then compared against the standard parameters to determine if the textile meets the desired criteria.

Ensuring Quality and Durability

Complying with EN ISO 105-X04:2017ensures that the textile products meet high-quality standards and provide long-lasting performance. By conducting regular tests according to the standard's guidelines, manufacturers can validate their products' resistance to dry cleaning. This helps to minimize customer complaints related to color fading, fabric distortion, or other issues that may arise during the cleaning process.



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