Technological Innovation

What is ISO/FDIS 8100-11:2017 ?

ISO/FDIS 8100-11:2017 is a widely used technical standard in the field of construction and civil engineering, providing guidelines for the organization and structuring of information related to building construction projects. It is important for professionals involved in the construction industry to understand this standard and its key features to ensure effective communication and collaboration throughout the lifecycle of a construction project.

ISO/FDIS 12006-3:2017 is a standard that establishes a clear and consistent framework for organizing and classifying information within the construction industry. It defines a common language and a standardized structure for information related to building assets, ensuring that all parties can easily access, interpret, and utilize the information regardless of their role or specialization.

ISO/FDIS 8583-1:2017 is an international standard that specifies the format and content of messages exchanged between devices in a financial transaction network. It plays a critical role in facilitating secure and reliable communication between different entities involved in electronic payment processing, such as banks, merchants, and payment processors.

ISO/FDIS 8583-1:2017 provides a standardized framework for the exchange of financial transaction-related information, enabling interoperability among various systems involved in processing electronic payments. It ensures smooth and seamless communication between different entities, regardless of their underlying technologies or platforms..



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