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What is BS EN 62509:2018?


In the world of technology, standards play a crucial role in ensuring safety, interoperability, and compatibility. BS EN 62509:2018 is one such standard that holds significant importance in the field of professional technical industry.

of BS EN 62509:2018

BS EN 62509:2018, also known as "Technical documentation for the assessment of electrical and electronic products with respect to the restriction of hazardous substances," is a European standard that sets guidelines for manufacturers regarding the restriction of hazardous substances in their products.

This standard is applicable to various electrical and electronic products, including appliances, computers, telecommunications equipment, and lighting devices. Its primary objective is to protect human health and the environment by limiting the use of hazardous substances in these products.

Compliance Requirements

To comply with BS EN 62509:2018, manufacturers need to ensure that their products meet specific criteria regarding the presence of hazardous substances. These criteria include limits on the concentration of substances such as lead, mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, and flame retardants.

The standard also emphasizes the need for proper documentation, labeling, and reporting in order to enable traceability and accountability throughout the supply chain. This ensures that consumers can make informed decisions about the products they purchase.

Benefits and Impact

Adhering to BS EN 62509:2018 brings several benefits to both manufacturers and end-users. From a manufacturer's perspective, compliance with this standard enhances product quality and safety. It also helps companies gain a competitive advantage by demonstrating their commitment to environmental responsibility.

For end-users, products meeting the requirements of this standard provide assurance that they are free from hazardous substances, thus safeguarding their health and well-being. Additionally, it contributes to minimizing the impact of electronic waste on the environment, as compliant products are designed to be more durable, repairable, and recyclable.


BS EN 62509:2018 is a significant standard in the field of professional technical industry. It sets guidelines for manufacturers to ensure that their electrical and electronic products comply with restrictions on hazardous substances. Compliance with this standard not only promotes safety and environmental responsibility but also benefits both manufacturers and end-users in various ways.

Overall, BS EN 62509:2018 plays an essential role in fostering sustainable practices and creating a safer technological landscape.



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