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What is EN 53032?


The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) is a global organization that establishes and publishes international standards for all electrical, electronic, and related technologies. One of the well-known standards developed by IEC is EN53032. In this article, we will explore what EN53032 is and the significance it holds in the industry.

of EN53032

EN53032 is a standard that defines the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) requirements for multimedia equipment. It specifies the maximum emission levels allowed from such equipment and provides guidelines for testing and assessing their compliance. The goal of this standard is to ensure that multimedia equipment operates without causing interference to other devices or suffering from interference itself.

Key Requirements and Testing Procedures

To meet the requirements of EN53032, multimedia equipment must undergo rigorous testing procedures. These procedures include measuring and evaluating various aspects such as radiated and conducted emission levels, immunity to electrostatic discharge, immunity to radio frequency interference, and more. The standard provides detailed instructions on how to perform these tests and the acceptable limits for different types of equipment.

For example, when testing radiated emissions, the equipment is subjected to an electromagnetic field and its emissions are measured. The results are then compared against the limits specified in the standard. Similarly, when assessing immunity to electrostatic discharge, the equipment is exposed to controlled electrostatic discharges and its performance is evaluated.

Benefits of Compliance

Complying with EN53032 offers several advantages to manufacturers of multimedia equipment. First and foremost, it ensures that their products meet the required safety and performance standards. This not only improves the overall quality of the equipment but also increases customer satisfaction.

In addition, compliance with EN53032 enables manufacturers to gain access to international markets. Many countries require products to comply with relevant electromagnetic compatibility standards before they can be sold within their borders. By meeting the requirements of EN53032, manufacturers can easily demonstrate the conformity of their products, thereby eliminating potential trade barriers.



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