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What is ISO-IEC 11179-4:2021?

The ISO-IEC 11179-4:2021 standard provides guidelines and specifications for the representation of data elements in a metadata registry. This article aims to give an in-depth technical understanding of the standard.

Data Element Representation

Data elements are the basic building blocks of information systems. They represent discrete pieces of data, such as names, addresses, or dates. ISO-IEC 11179-4:2021 defines a set of rules for representing these data elements in a standardized way, ensuring consistent interpretation and usage across different information systems.

The standard specifies various attributes that should be associated with each data element, such as its name, description, and data type. It also provides guidelines for establishing relationships between data elements, allowing for a better understanding of data semantics.

Metadata Registry

ISO-IEC 11179-4:2021 introduces the concept of a metadata registry. A metadata registry is a central repository where organizations can define and manage their data elements and related metadata. It serves as a catalog of data element definitions, allowing users to search, discover, and understand the available data resources within an organization.

The standard specifies the structure and content of a metadata registry, including the necessary metadata attributes, classification systems, and registration procedures. It enables interoperability and data sharing between different systems by providing a common framework for describing and documenting data elements.

Benefits and Applications

Adopting the ISO-IEC 11179-4:2021 standard brings several benefits to organizations. Firstly, it promotes data quality and consistency by establishing a common language for data representation. This improves data integration, data sharing, and decision-making processes within an organization.

Secondly, the standard enhances data governance and management. It provides guidelines for capturing metadata, ensuring that important information about data elements is documented and easily accessible. This supports data governance activities, such as data lineage, data provenance, and data stewardship.

Lastly, ISO-IEC 11179-4:2021 facilitates data exchange and interoperability between systems. By adhering to the standardized data element representation, organizations can more easily integrate their data with external systems, collaborate with partners, and comply with regulatory requirements.



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