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What is EN ISO 13341:2014

EN ISO 13341:2014 is a professional technical standard that provides guidelines and requirements for the packaging of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) cylinders.

Understanding the Importance of EN ISO 13341:2014

The packaging of LPG cylinders plays a crucial role in ensuring the safe transportation, storage, and usage of this highly flammable gas. EN ISO 13341:2014 sets forth specific requirements and best practices to enhance the safety of LPG cylinders throughout their life cycle. This standard encompasses various aspects such as design, materials, production processes, testing, labeling, and documentation of LPG cylinder packaging.

Key Requirements of EN ISO 13341:2014

EN ISO 13341:2014 outlines the key requirements that must be met by manufacturers and suppliers in order to comply with the safety standards for LPG cylinder packaging. These include:

Design criteria: The standard specifies parameters related to dimensions, capacity, and structural integrity of LPG cylinders. It also includes guidelines for valve fitting and protection against corrosion.

Material selection: EN ISO 13341:2014 defines the acceptable materials for LPG cylinder construction, taking into account factors such as strength, resistance to corrosion, and compatibility with LPG.

Production processes: The standard provides guidance on manufacturing processes, including welding, heat treatment, and quality control measures to ensure the integrity and safety of LPG cylinder packaging.

Testing procedures: EN ISO 13341:2014 details the testing methods required to verify the performance of LPG cylinder packaging, including pressure tests, leak tests, and mechanical property tests.

Labeling and documentation: The standard specifies the information that must be clearly labeled on LPG cylinders, such as manufacturer's name, pressure rating, and date of manufacture. It also outlines the documentation requirements for traceability and quality assurance purposes.

Benefits of Complying with EN ISO 13341:2014

Complying with EN ISO 13341:2014 offers several benefits to manufacturers, suppliers, and end-users of LPG cylinders. Firstly, it ensures the highest level of safety by reducing the risk of leaks, explosions, and accidents during handling and usage. Secondly, adherence to this standard enhances product quality and performance, leading to increased customer satisfaction. Additionally, compliance with EN ISO 13341:2014 helps manufacturers enter international markets by aligning their packaging practices with globally recognized safety standards.


EN ISO 13341:2014 is a crucial technical standard that sets the benchmark for safe packaging of LPG cylinders. By following the guidelines and requirements outlined in this standard, manufacturers and suppliers can ensure the optimal safety, quality, and performance of their LPG cylinder packaging, safeguarding both people and property from potential hazards associated with LPG.



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