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What is BS EN ISO 9229?

About BS EN ISO 9229

BS EN ISO 9229 is a widely recognized international standard that provides guidelines and recommendations for the maintenance of steel structures through the application of protective coatings.

The standard focuses on the corrosion protection of steel structures by specifying requirements for surface preparation, coating application, and inspection. It aims to ensure the long-term durability and performance of steel infrastructure, such as bridges, buildings, and industrial facilities.

The Importance of BS EN ISO 9229

Corrosion costs industries billions of dollars every year. It not only affects the structural integrity of steel but also impacts its aesthetic appearance. BS EN ISO 9229 plays a crucial role in minimizing these risks by providing a comprehensive set of guidelines for proper coating application and maintenance.

The standard addresses various factors that influence the performance of protective coatings, including climate conditions, environmental exposure, and coating system selection. By adhering to the recommendations outlined in the standard, stakeholders can significantly reduce the likelihood of premature coating failure and costly repairs.

Key Requirements of BS EN ISO 9229

BS EN ISO 9229 establishes specific requirements for surface preparation, coating application, and inspection procedures.

Surface preparation involves cleaning the steel substrate to remove contaminants and achieve the desired surface profile. The standard provides detailed guidance on methods such as abrasive blast cleaning, hand or power tool cleaning, and chemical removal of rust and scale.

Coating application requires strict adherence to specified film thickness, number of coats, curing times, and environmental conditions. The standard highlights the importance of trained applicators, appropriate equipment, and quality control measures to ensure consistent and effective coating application.

Inspection of coated surfaces is crucial to verify compliance with the standard and detect any defects or failures. Visual inspection, adhesion testing, and measurement of coating thickness are essential techniques outlined in BS EN ISO 9229.


BS EN ISO 9229 is a vital tool for the corrosion protection industry, providing clear guidelines on coating application and maintenance of steel structures. By following the standard's recommendations, infrastructure owners, engineers, and coatings professionals can ensure the long-term durability and performance of steel assets, protecting them from the detrimental effects of corrosion.

Implementing BS EN ISO 9229 not only saves money but also enhances safety and sustainability by reducing the need for frequent repairs and premature replacements. It serves as a benchmark for quality assurance and promotes best practices in the field of protective coatings.



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