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What is IEC 60519-4:2021?

IEC 60519-4:2021 is a technical standard that provides guidelines for safety requirements in industrial electroheating applications. It specifically focuses on the safety measures to be taken during the design, installation, operation, and maintenance of electrical resistance heaters.

The Importance of Safety in Industrial Electroheating

Safety is paramount in any industrial setting, and electroheating applications are no exception. These applications involve the utilization of electrical energy to generate heat for various processes, such as melting, drying, or curing. Without proper safety precautions, electroheating systems can pose significant hazards to personnel, property, and the environment.

Main Principles of IEC 60519-4:2021

IEC 60519-4:2021 outlines several key principles to ensure the safety of industrial electroheating systems. These include the identification and assessment of potential hazards, the implementation of protective measures, the use of appropriate equipment, and the provision of safety instructions and training to operators.

Compliance with IEC 60519-4:2021

Compliance with IEC 60519-4:2021 is essential for companies involved in industrial electroheating applications. By adhering to the guidelines set forth in this standard, organizations can minimize the risks associated with electroheating systems and create a safe working environment. Compliance also helps companies meet legal requirements, enhance their reputation, and prevent accidents, injuries, and financial losses.



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