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What is BS EN 4032-2010

BS EN 4032-2010 is a technical standard that applies to personal protective equipment (PPE), specifically focusing on gloves for welders. This standard sets out the requirements and test methods for gloves used in welding and similar processes.

The Importance of BS EN 4032-2010

Welding is a hazardous process that exposes workers to various risks, including heat, sparks, molten metal, and harmful UV radiation. Welding gloves play a critical role in protecting the hands and wrists of welders from these hazards. BS EN 4032-2010 ensures that these gloves meet specific safety standards, providing the necessary level of protection for those working in the welding industry.

Requirements and Testing Methods

To comply with BS EN 4032-2010, welding gloves must meet certain requirements. These include resistance to burning behavior, dexterity, thermal performance, mechanical performance, and marking. The standard outlines detailed testing procedures for each requirement, ensuring that gloves perform as expected under various conditions.

In terms of burning behavior, the gloves are tested for their resistance to ignition, flame spread, and duration of flame. This is crucial in preventing injuries caused by sparks or flames during welding operations. Dexterity testing involves evaluating the glove's ability to allow movement and grip without compromising safety.

Thermal performance testing focuses on the ability of gloves to withstand high temperatures and protect against radiant heat, convective heat, contact heat, and small splashes of molten metal. Mechanical performance testing assesses factors such as tear resistance, puncture resistance, and abrasion resistance, ensuring that gloves can withstand the physical demands of welding tasks. Lastly, marking requirements specify the information that should be visible on the gloves, including the manufacturer's name or logo, size, and EN 420 pictogram.


BS EN 4032-2010 is a vital standard that ensures the quality and safety of welding gloves. By complying with this standard, manufacturers provide welders with effective hand protection against the various hazards they face in their daily work. Workers should always look for gloves that meet the requirements specified by BS EN 4032-2010 to ensure their own safety and well-being.



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