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What is ISO 13322-4:2010?

ISO 13322-4:2010 is an international standard that provides guidelines for the determination of particle size distribution using dynamic image analysis methods. It specifies the general principles of the method and outlines the necessary equipment, measurement procedures, and data interpretation for accurate analysis.

The Importance of ISO 13322-4:2010

ISO 13322-4:2010 plays a crucial role in various industries, including pharmaceuticals, food processing, and manufacturing. Accurate particle size analysis is essential in these sectors as it affects product quality, performance, and safety.

Particle size distribution influences physical and chemical properties such as dissolution rate, reactivity, stability, and flowability of materials. Understanding these characteristics helps manufacturers optimize production processes and ensure consistent product quality.

Furthermore, ISO 13322-4:2010 enables companies to meet regulatory requirements and improve product competitiveness by guaranteeing compliance with industry standards. This allows for better comparability and traceability of particle analysis data across different laboratories and manufacturers.

Dynamics of Dynamic Image Analysis

The dynamic image analysis method outlined in ISO 13322-4:2010 involves capturing high-speed images of particles dispersed in a liquid medium. By analyzing these images, it becomes possible to determine their shape, size, and morphology.

This technique offers several advantages over traditional static image analysis or sieving methods. Firstly, it provides superior accuracy, especially for irregularly shaped particles, as it captures their three-dimensional representation. Additionally, dynamic image analysis allows for the measurement of a broad size range since it detects particles ranging from sub-micron to millimeter sizes.

Moreover, the advanced software used in dynamic image analysis enables automated analysis, reducing human error and increasing efficiency. It allows for the characterization of large particle populations in a relatively short time, providing more statistically reliable data.


ISO 13322-4:2010 is an essential standard that outlines dynamic image analysis techniques for determining particle size distribution. This standard is critical for industries requiring precise particle analysis to ensure product quality and compliance with regulations.

The accurate measurement of particle size influences properties such as solubility, reactivity, stability, and flowability, thus impacting process optimization and product performance.

Dynamic image analysis offers superior accuracy, versatility, and efficiency compared to traditional methods. With its ability to analyze particles of varying shapes and sizes, this technique facilitates reliable and automated analysis for broad applications.



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