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What is EN ISO 2536:2014?

In the world of technical standards, EN ISO 2536:2014 holds a significant place. This standard specifies the dimensions and properties of white laminated sheets made from hard pressboard. It is applicable to sheets used for electrical purposes, such as insulation in transformers and other electrical equipment.

Importance of EN ISO 2536:2014

The use of this standard ensures uniformity and reliability in the production of white laminated sheets. With standardized dimensions and properties, manufacturers can ensure that their products meet specific requirements and perform optimally in electrical applications. Additionally, complying with this standard enables easy interchangeability of materials between different equipment manufacturers.

Key Features of EN ISO 2536:2014

The standard outlines various key features that white laminated sheets must adhere to. These include specified thickness, width, and length tolerances. It also defines the mechanical, electrical, and thermal properties that the sheets must possess in order to meet the necessary safety and performance criteria.

Furthermore, the standard provides guidance on the testing methods and procedures to verify compliance. This helps manufacturers and users alike in ensuring the quality and reliability of the white laminated sheets.


In conclusion, EN ISO 2536:2014 plays a vital role in maintaining quality and consistency in the production of white laminated sheets used for electrical purposes. By adhering to this standard, manufacturers can ensure that their products meet the necessary requirements and provide optimal performance. Overall, embracing this standard is crucial for the electrical industry to promote safety, reliability, and interoperability.



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