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Is IEC62368 replace 60950?

With the rapid advancement of technology, ensuring the safety of electrical products has become increasingly important. International standards play a crucial role in regulating the safety and reliability of these products. The IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) is one such organization that develops and publishes international standards for electrical and electronic devices. Two notable standards in this domain are IEC62368 and IEC60950. In this article, we will explore whether IEC62368 is replacing IEC60950 as the prevailing standard in the industry.

The Evolution of IEC60950

IEC60950, also known as the Information Technology Equipment (ITE) standard, was widely used for more than two decades to ensure the safety of information technology equipment. It covered various aspects such as electrical safety, fire prevention, and mechanical hazards. However, as technology evolved and new types of products emerged, it became increasingly clear that IEC60950 needed to be updated to address emerging risks adequately.

The Advantages of IEC62368

Recognizing the need for an updated standard, the IEC introduced IEC62368, also known as the Audio/Video and IT Equipment standard. This standard takes a more holistic approach by focusing on risk assessment and hazard-based safety engineering. Unlike IEC60950, which had distinct requirements for different product categories, IEC62368 adopts a principles-based approach. It provides manufacturers with flexibility in meeting essential safety objectives, allowing them to innovate and adapt to rapidly changing technologies.

The Transition from IEC60950 to IEC62368

While IEC62368 presents several benefits and addresses many shortcomings of its predecessor, the transition from IEC60950 to IEC62368 is not yet complete. The IEC has set specific migration timelines to ensure a smooth transition and give manufacturers an opportunity to align their products with the new standard. The key challenge lies in compatibility and compliance testing, as well as adapting to the new design methodologies prescribed by IEC62368. However, industry experts believe that the advantages offered by IEC62368 make it a desirable alternative to IEC60950.

In conclusion, IEC62368 represents a significant improvement over IEC60950 in terms of safety assessment and adaptability to new technologies. While the transition from IEC60950 to IEC62368 may pose challenges for manufacturers, the industry as a whole recognizes the need for a more comprehensive and flexible standard. It is only a matter of time before IEC62368 becomes the prevailing standard for ensuring the safety of electrical and electronic devices.



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